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Our commitment towards the growth of the people pushes us beyond the boundary to provide great opportunities for job seekers.

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Through consultations with our client’s, we gather all relevant information on what exactly the client is looking for in an ideal candidate. Those needs are then used to search our active database of over 1000 candidates to match individuals with such opportunities. If we are unable to locate a candidate we will then commence our sourcing activities to attract suitable professionals for the role. Our staffing process has several effective options ideally crafted to meet the needs of a small to large size business operations. Our team conducts interviews, full background and academic checks, reference verification and we make sure all employable documents required by law is available for each candidate.
We also offer temporary to permanent workforce management option for companies now setting up their operations in Guyana.

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People Solutions

We at Sure Gig seek to connect employers with ideal candidates for a specific industry role. Bridging that gap will allow the business to soar through the combined capability of all its people.

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